Second Stage Carpentry

I hated my previous job working in an office. 
Some of my family support me and some don’t understand me working in this role.
The ones that don’t support me say they feel it’s not a suitable job for me and I shouldn't do it because I'm a girl.   

The influence that played a main part was my love of DIY projects and seeing through the results of your work.
I am not treated differently but feel like I am always being tested and need to perform because I am a woman.
I really enjoy getting to learn new things each day.

Most women a lot of the time don’t choose these roles because they are told these positions are not good enough for them. 
We are also told we cannot complete the physicality of the work so why do it. 
Look at all options as you just might find, you enjoy working in this industry as compared to working in an office environment.

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