Parents share their stories

Terri - Adam's Mum

Adam is a 3rd stage carpentry apprentice.

I was unsure about the building and construction industry at first, I wondered if he would enjoy the jobs he was doing but he loves it. There seems to be a lot of work going on and Adam is keen to work.

Of course when you see your son doing well in the job they chose, you’re proud of him. Adam is always showing photos on his phone and talking about the work he has been doing. I’ve learnt a lot about this industry.

Adam has definitely matured a lot in a short time, is definitely more independent and he does well to manage the money he gets. Adam plays water polo so he has to stay healthy and work is a great way to stay fit.

Adam has found a job he likes and is learning a lot, he is enjoying learning a lot more now than he did at school. An apprenticeship has been good for Adam, he’s good with hands on work.

Andy - Nick's Dad

Nick is a 2nd stage carpentry apprentice

I have a positive view of the industry and Nick will have an opportunity to build a career, it gives him options.

We didn’t really have any concerns, we knew it was an apprenticeship just a bit unsure or not fully knowing the process as we went along.

Nick is more confident in his approach to everything he now does, more confident to make decisions and he understands more about what money is worth.

University was never on his radar and Nick seems to enjoy the work, more a positive than negative. He’s good with his hands and he’s living a healthy lifestyle for now but could fall into the trap and cut corners. We will try to help him to stay on track and make the right choices.

Tammy - George's Mum

George is a 1st stage carpentry apprentice.

It's a great industry for him to work in, it has so many options. You only have to go for a drive to see all the work.

George has been very tired but has developed huge amounts of drive towards work. He is being trained to stay safe all the time. I’ve got no concerns. I tell him to give it a go and you have the support behind you if you need it from the Master Builders.

George comes home and talks about tools and jobs he’s been working on. He is so happy to help with stuff around the home when it needs fixing. Just last week he worked on our back deck replacing boards.

George is able to get things he wants, when he wants and does not have to ask me. It’s helped him gain hope and trust in his skills. So proud of him!

This apprenticeship gives him the opportunity to earn and learn. Going to university you learn but never really have any money.

Things have got better since starting work as he is up and out early, packs his lunch the night before and the fact he has been so tired to go and buy anything. George takes his lunch every day and doesn’t want to spend his own money buying food.

Cheryl - Cameron’s Mum

Cameron is a 3rd stage carpentry apprentice.

Cameron has had a very good experience in this industry, although I'm a little unsure of where things will go for him when he completes his apprenticeship but there are options available.

The biggest changes I’ve seen in Cameron are his skill level with his job and his knowledge of the industry. Cameron has to be responsible and confident to talk to people outside his normal circle. He’s learnt the way of world. Cameron is now more confident and financially stable. He goes out more now and buys all the shoes he wants.

He has more money than a university student and learning skills on the job. At university you are not learning practical skills. Cameron is living a healthy lifestyle – but buying his lunch costs him too much.

Sometimes he’s passionate about his work and when he is, all he talks about is what he’s done and you can feel the excitement in his voice.

Cameron already had his mind set – he wanted to do this apprenticeship.

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