Useful tips for a female tradie!

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Useful tips for a female tradie!

28 March 2019

There are many benefits of working in trades, including a varied work environment & plenty of job opportunities.
Here are a few tips for great career as a female tradie!

1 Seek out a supportive work environment

Find a work environment that is supportive.

Having an employer and colleagues who are willing to invest their time in coaching & sharing advice can make the biggest difference to your career progression.

2 Develop a support system

Developing a strong support system is important.

Having people you can talk to, who also understand what you’re dealing with, is especially valuable if you’re not getting a lot of support at work.

3 Embrace your strengths

It can be easy for some people to blend into their new work environment, you shouldn’t be afraid to play to your strengths, no matter what they are!

Always be clear when communicating & giving your opinion, f it can help you get the job done more effectively.

4 Leverage your networks

Networking is important at every stage of your career, but it’s especially vital when you’re first starting out. 

Don’t be afraid to build these new relationships and stay in touch. You never know at what point they may be useful.

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