Prosafe Snipe safety glasses are here at MBANSW

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Prosafe Snipe safety glasses are here at MBANSW

02 April 2019

In 2018, 12 Master Builders Apprentices had an eye injury due to dust.

The majority of these injuries lead to the apprentice visiting the hospital emergency for treatment and end up having a day off work.

In an effort to prevent future eye injuries, Master Buillders Apprenticeship Services have trialled a new protective safety glasses.

What is so good about them?

  •  Added protection to avoid eye irritation from dust and other small particles
  • Anti-fog / anti-scratch coating on both sides of the lens
  • Certified to Australian Standard 1337:1:2020 (Medium impact protection)


12 Apprentices and 12 Training Employers putting them to the test & the feedback was:

  They are comfortable to wear

✓  Minimal fog up during use

✓  Resistant to scratches

✓ Provided better overall protection than the previous glasses issued by the MBA

Due to the positive feedback on site the Prosafe Snipe safety glasses will begin to be issued to all Master Builders Apprentices from March 2019.

Field officers will have stock of the glasses for distribution to apprentices during site visits.


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