Insight in the Australian Construction Industry

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Insight in the Australian Construction Industry

30 August 2019

Below are 10 statistics that offer insight into the Australian construction industry:

1. Australia’s population is growing by 1.6% every year

2. Urban areas of Australia account for 50% of the nation’s population

3. Australia’s construction industry comprises 8% of the gross domestic product (GDP)

4. Total construction work continues to rise by 2% each quarter

5. Productivity in the construction industry is increasing by 2.8% annually

6. 1.1 million people are employed in the construction industry

7. Construction software help[s the industry as a whole save $25B a year

8. Commercial construction work in Australia is forecasted to keep rising

9. Employment in Australia’s construction industry is on the rise

10. Prefabricated construction expected to grow by 5% every year

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