All Master Builders Apprentices are Trained to use Power Tools Safely

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All Master Builders Apprentices are Trained to use Power Tools Safely

17 January 2019

Master Builders Apprenticeship Services (MBAS) are increasing the skills and safety of our apprentices by introducing Power Tool Safety Training.

This training course has been specifically designed for new entrants to the industry and is delivered by experienced trainers through Master Builders Training Services.

Power tool safety training will focus on training apprentices to safely use 13 of the most commonly used power tools in the building and construction industry, including drop saw, impact driver, nail gun, router and angle grinder.

This course has been included in Master Builders Pre-Apprenticeship Programs and is a requirement for all new Master Builders Apprenticeship Services apprentices.

Brendan Helmrich was instrumental in the development of the course content.

‘I think the fact that it (the course) was made in consultation with somebody who teaches the skills and works in industry has made it relevant and useful.

The one day Power Tool Safety Course is an excellent day for people new to power tools or people wanting to make sure they are using them correctly.

The day is not too full, is very hands on and has time for apprentices to ask questions and practice the safe use of power tools. Far too many tradespeople injure themselves with power tools. I think this course will help to reduce some of these injuries.

It has been a pleasure to train and assess a course that has a well-made power point, assessment document, delivery schedule and supplied tools.’

Each participant receives a Statement of Attendance and a completed assessment which records the power tools they have been deemed competent to use safely.

If you have any questions, or would like more information about this training, please call or email Master Builders Apprenticeship Services on 02 8586 3533 or

We have received excellent reviews from apprentices and their Training Employers:

  • “Insightful and I learnt a lot about safety” Tetsuya Byrne - Stage 1 Apprentice Carpenter
  • “Good for new apprentices to do. Very informative and I learnt a lot about tools that I haven’t used before.” Declan Connolly - Stage 1 Apprentice Carpenter
  • “Got a better understanding of common tools that apprentices use.” Tom Rosenblum - Stage 2 Apprentice Shop Fitter
  • “Really beneficial” Chris Barrett - Stage 2 Apprentice Carpenter

“Our apprentice enjoyed the training and believes he learnt a great deal.” David Aikins - WHS 

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