Meet an Aboriginal Apprentice


3rd Stage Carpentry Apprentice

I didn’t have anyone push me, I just got the job so I took it on. I like completing different tasks every day. Everyone gets treated the same but I’m the only apprentice with my company. 
The advice I would give is complete your trade as soon as you can to set yourself up. I wish I started a bit younger than I did.


2nd Stage Carpentry Apprentice 

My dad has pushed me to become an apprentice. That’s what he did and could see the value in me completing a trade. I have the support of my family without ever discussing it with them.
I like being at work as it keeps me busy but I don’t like waking up early, and the long hours at work but they are things that I am responsible for and need to manage.
As an Aboriginal, I get treated the same as the others.
The advice I would give to others is always work hard and you will see the results will come.


1st Stage Carpentry Apprentice

My Brother was the biggest influence on me. His guidance, and all my mates, got me working plus I wanted money to be independent. I enjoy working with the boys.
I don’t like rain days, I can’t control the weather but I can control my thought process when it is raining.
The advice I would give is never give up and always have faith in yourself as the only person you are letting down is yourself.


1st Stage Carpentry Apprentice

My parents and friends all spoke to me about becoming an apprentice. It was their influence, I was fairly sure but they got me over the line to start.
No two days are the same and everything is different. I also enjoy to learn new things each day.
The advice I would give is take everything on board always want to know why and learn, you will need it later.


3rd Stage Carpentry Apprentice

My dad told me that a carpenter is a good job and I will always have work. He also told me that I would be outside a lot, which he knew I would enjoy, that’s why I selected this role. I really enjoy working outside and meeting new people.
The advice I would give is just get up and have a go each day - that is what all employers want from you. 

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