Second Stage Carpentry

At first I had applied to join the army. I really enjoyed working outside so I tried the carpentry pre-apprenticeship program and I loved it, so I decided to stay.

My cousin a plumber was at the end of his apprenticeship when I started mine so he was able to offer advice to me about trades.

My family is very supportive of me working in this role. My Mum helped me each day with the most important things, like making sure I wake up in time to get to work each day. My Dad is very excited as he is a weekend renovator and is keen for me to help him on projects around the house.

I do feel I’m treated the same as any other apprentice on site.

I enjoy learning new things and seeing the results of my efforts that is very rewarding.

Females are not selecting trades because they do not have access to the right people to guide them to select a trade. With the right advice there would be more females selecting trades and their fears of working in a male dominated industry would be eased.

I would say to always try different things and understand what your limits are before progressing, don’t be afraid of your choices.

Starting the pre apprenticeship program and working as an apprentices is the best thing I have ever done, give it a go!

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