Group Training Organisation

A Group Training Organisation (GTO) is an organisation that employs apprentices and trainees, and then places them with a host or training employer with whom they work whilst receiving on-the-job training in their apprenticeship or traineeship.

See Training Services NSW for more information on What is a Group Training Organisation? 

Master Builders Apprenticeship Service is a GTO. To apply for an apprenticeship, check out how to become an apprentice.  

Roles & responsibilities

The GTO is the legal employer of the apprentice or trainee, and is responsible for:

  • Meeting all obligations as an employer of an apprentice or trainee under the Apprenticeship and Traineeship Act 2001
  • Recruiting each apprentice or trainee and ensuring they are suitable for placement with a host or training employer
  • Arranging the placement with the host or training employer to begin on the commencement day of the training contract
  • Arranging the off-the-job training with a registered training organisation (RTO) for each apprentice/trainee, including working with the RTO and host or training employer to develop and renew the training plan
  • Screening each potential host or training employer to ensure they are suitable to train an apprentice/trainee, and that they understand their responsibilities as part of this arrangement
  • Monitoring and providing support to both the apprentice/trainee and host or training employer so they meet their respective responsibilities and successfully complete the apprenticeship or traineeship
  • Payment of wages, allowances, superannuation, workers' compensation insurance, sick/annual pay and other employee entitlements, and completing all associated paperwork

Registered Group Training Organisations in NSW

In NSW, Group Training Organisations (GTO) may be registered under the Apprenticeship and Traineeship Act (2001).

To be registered in NSW, a GTO must demonstrate that their organisation is compliant with the national standards for GTOs.

Master Builders Association of NSW Pty Ltd (Apprenticeship Services) is a Registered Group Training Organisation.

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